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Going Viral…. since last week

So the viral project continued… and I finished the stickers. I decided on three final ones that said, “I’ll take it raw,” “raw is hot,” and “raw not war.”… based on the colors that I had gleaned from the previous research.

To make them, I cut out some paper stencils…

And created sheets on paper to photocopy:

Then took them to Fed-Ex to copy those sheets onto sticker paper and cut them up into individual stickers:

We took the stickers to KFC and Taco Bell, where we posted a few stickers, and found the only raw thing on the menu was coleslaw. :o) We got plenty of stares, but no direct comments. Here is the film… (both my first video and my first time posting on Youtube.)


They didn’t go viral at KFC/Taco Hell. I think to find out if these would spread I would need to go back to the original restaurants I did the research with, where there is a higher probability of more interest. Then, once that got going… I could go back to KFC/TB and throw a few in the chicken buckets.


Going Viral

This is a work in progress…


In brainstorming for this viral project, focusing on the idea of making one or multiple stickers, I thought about collection stickers, where kids could collect different instruments that made up a band – I was thinking specifically of Ozomatli because they have so many instruments… or some other form of collection of varying stickers with the same theme… but it was too complicated – viral needs to be more simple.

Then I moved on to the idea of PSAs… I thought of Leave No Trace, but passing out a bunch of stickers would contradict the idea of managing waste well. Moving on to another theme – one of the events important to me that is currently hot right now is the debate of the potential damming of wild rivers of Chilean Patagonia in southern Chile. It’s an amazing wild place and would be destroyed in many ways by having its two largest rivers blocked with 5 dams and further extended by 2,300 kilometers of 70-meter-tall high-powered towers to get the energy to the north of the country. Here are some pictures that exemplify its magnificence:


I did extensive research on images, the movie “Patagonia Rising” that came out this May and is coming to San Francisco next week, and the depths of the campaign… and then guess who I found…. yes, Shephard Fairey, the original viral man himself, and he had already made a poster… so I decided to back off….

Shepard Fairey for Patagonia sin Represas (Patagonia without Dams)

I wanted a topic that was new and fresh and in action, so….another topic that has become interesting to me recently is the Raw Foods movement. It has unquestionable health benefits and is relatively new to Seattle. My approach was to help raise the awareness of raw foods, as a public service announcement idea. There are only a handful of raw foods restaurants and juice bars, and they seemed like a good place to start finding out more. They were already in it! So I went to visit these places, and spoke to the managers to get more information on the clientele, colors, symbols and background.

The four places I looked into were Thrive, Chaco CanyonThe Juicy Café, and Healeo. In their decor the former two have a more earthy grounded feel of browns, and the later two have a more light green and airy feel. Their websites are mostly consistent with their stores’ look, except for Thrive, that is super bright on the web, but more demure in its establishment.

Chaco Canyon mission

Chaco Canyon West

To summarize what I found, the audiences they described were of mixed demographic, often educated and health-oriented. The colors they described for the movement ranged from earthy browns and greens to bright vibrants of lemons, oranges, and avocados. No symbols particularly stood out, other than the fruits and vegetables themselves. Creating salacious mystery would be a tricky thing. They didn’t see anything sexy or mysterious about raw foods, other than the fact that people who eat them are often attractive because of their outstanding health.

Thrive Café

So I narrowed it down to the colors of lime/avocado green, red and orange. They would be bright. As for the salacious mystery, I decided to capitalize on the word RAW and how many different interpretations can come from that, both mysterious and lascivious/carnal/raunchy/spicy…. here are the images I came up with:

Printing it up…

Researching the printing options, the results were varied…. www.printingblue.com offered custom stickers, and although they did offer free design, they had their own format, which wasn’t conducive to the custom version I was looking for. Their cost was about $185/100 3″ round stickers. In speaking to them to get quotes and timing, they said the turn around time would be about 10-12 business days. Then I found Zazzle.com, also an online store, couldn’t find where they were based. They charged $4.95/20 3″ round stickers. Couldn’t figure out how to contact them, to find a turn around time. For the custom sticker, I got as far as entering words on the design, then it asked me to log in, so I stopped. On to the next option…  Advanced Labels NW who said they had a minimum order of 500, would need an electronic file, and were up to a wait of 10-15 business days for turn around, once the design was approved.

So the Adanced Labels guy recommended Lightning Labels out of Colorado. They claimed that their digital printing was cheaper, yet their basic quote for 100 3″ round stickers was $279. They did boast a 3-day turn-around time. They asked for Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, which is where I fall short in technical skills.

This project hasn’t gone viral yet. In order to make it happen, I need to complete the making of the sticker itself. This process has also confirmed what I already knew, and underlined why I am in school…. that while I may have good discipline to work, persistence to finish things, a good sense of aesthetics and composition, as well as a good understanding of principles of 2-D design, this project has highlighted to me that I am new to the field of contemporary graphic design, and have many technical skills to develop to create any kind of graphic design in any format other than manual. Timing is also crucial in any project, and getting to know turn around times for printing, processing will come with time (no pun intended) and experience, in order to make the work more effective.