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User Interface – UI

WoW!!!! User Interface (interaction between humans & machines) is going nuts.

In watching John Underkoffler describe the future of UI, with full body interaction with 3d computer graphics, becoming not just something for lab technicians, but for the common person, it speaks to the speed of change in the quickly-evolving industry. Since the beginnings of Apple in the early 80’s the development of computers has been exponentially fast… expansion of memory and increase in processing speed, as well as the capabilities of the systems themselves. It’s pretty amazing.

Aurora is another example of the potential future of user interface, where two users in different geographical locations can interact together, sharing documents and bringing documents/information to each other’s computers.

Currently user interface is best exemplified on the computer and the internet, as well as in touch-screen kiosks, and mobile applications (apps). Zivelo demonstrates the varying uses of kiosks for customer use. Data visualization plays a large role in making raw data accessible, and Visualizing.org has a great series of examples of the potentials of visualization, when it comes to organizing data in a way that users can understand.

The interface for app design is as much about spacial relationships as about the look and feel – it sets up the basic rules for engagement…. designing the look and feel and basic and consistent navigation (knowing where you are and how to go back a screen, or home.)

music app from usabilitypro.com

The apps are also going nuts, just looking at Apple’s selection, there are over 350,000!!!! to chose from.  Anything from tracking your period, to the tides, to getting in shape and tracking your heartbeat, as well as organizing the logistics of your favorite sports team. Although some of them, it’s hard for me to tell what they do, because there’s no description – it just says “download now!” There is a website where you can create your own app… www.magmito.com. They “Include: text, images, graphics, video, maps, backgrounds, quizzes, forms, RSS feeds, direct-dialing,web linking, custom on-phone icons, and more!”

Before this class, this is what I knew about apps:

As Tony described in class, “App design demands some basic functionality.”

Here is what he suggests, in designing an app….

1. Pick a project

2. Determine all information deemed needed

3. Determine what goes on what page

4. Note how the pages link

5. Determine how one stays oriented

There are rewards for the high quality of design, innovation and usability of these clever apps… Apple Design Awards, Webby Awards (with Lisa Kudrow next week!!), etc. check’em out!