Design Reminders

… gleaned from Tony’s feedback for our presentations…

The highest point of contrast should be the subject (remembering that as objects fade in the background, so does the contrast). Use the illusion actively to emphasize the focal point.

Legibility matters. (the above can help.)

Art deals with the “the gift exchange” conundrum, the politics of giving, and how people don’t want to be indebted (if they are getting something from you, they will feel that.) (This was in reference to free art on the street, and people’s initial resistance to it.)

If possible, keep the presentation short enough for the audience to get the message, and no more (reduce info saturation, increase potential action).

All you need is a little imagination and a little effort, and you’re good to go.

A common problem: dealing with images and getting text to read. A potential solution: when shooting images, have the text already in mind – create a place for it.


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