Going Viral…. since last week

So the viral project continued… and I finished the stickers. I decided on three final ones that said, “I’ll take it raw,” “raw is hot,” and “raw not war.”… based on the colors that I had gleaned from the previous research.

To make them, I cut out some paper stencils…

And created sheets on paper to photocopy:

Then took them to Fed-Ex to copy those sheets onto sticker paper and cut them up into individual stickers:

We took the stickers to KFC and Taco Bell, where we posted a few stickers, and found the only raw thing on the menu was coleslaw. :o) We got plenty of stares, but no direct comments. Here is the film… (both my first video and my first time posting on Youtube.)


They didn’t go viral at KFC/Taco Hell. I think to find out if these would spread I would need to go back to the original restaurants I did the research with, where there is a higher probability of more interest. Then, once that got going… I could go back to KFC/TB and throw a few in the chicken buckets.


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